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The “Most Hated Woman” in Israel is Leaving the Knesset

via The “Most Hated Woman” in Israel is Leaving the Knesset

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Mapping Beauty

‘Mapping Beauty’ is our year long Dublin Street Story Project. How beautiful are our ‘Inner City’ and ‘City Centre’ Dublin streets? What makes a beautiful street? Why is beauty important … Continue reading

March 28, 2016 · 2 Comments

Introducing the “Street Tree Needs Index”

“Street Tree Needs Index” is simply an area or neighbourhood based calculation that generates a local “Need” for street trees.

February 27, 2016 · 3 Comments

StreeTree – Introduction

StreeTree WebApp Dublin City Council in collaboration with Workday Ireland [1] and Motti Ruimy and Paul Kearns of Redrawing Project is developing an innovative ‘Smart City’ policy app titled STREETREE. Utilising both … Continue reading

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Postcards of our city New York – Dublin

In “Postcards of Our City” we invite the residents of New York City to write their thoughts about their city on a postcard to the residents of Dublin.

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Blooming Attitude Urban Walking Tour

  Blooming Attitude – Urban Walking Tour June 16th – Blooms Day Take an adventure into the “arc-of-disadvantage” Are you bored by the costumed buffoonery of the annual suburban “Bloomsday” … Continue reading

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Billboard Poster Campaign


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Redrawing Dublin

REDRAWING DUBLIN was published in December 2010 (Gandon Editions). The book was awarded the Arts Council  ‘Engagement with Architecture Scheme’ grant in 2010. Introduction DRAWING DUBLIN is a story of a city. … Continue reading

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Whilst there is a long-established tradition amongst conservationists and architectural historians in archiving our historic built environment, much less attention is paid to recording the loss of more recent spaces, places perhaps on the margins of interest or acceptability.

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