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Redrawing Project is the umbrella platform for the collaborative projects and research carried out by Paul Kearns and Motti Ruimy.

Paul and Motti are authors of the book REDRAWING DUBLIN (Gandon Editions, 2010). Their creative interest primarily lies in the playful merging and synthesis of urban policy and public art. Their work can be described as ‘action urbanism’. They have worked with the Irish Architecture Foundation, ‘Open House Dublin’, and Dublin City Council in bringing to the streets of Dublin a number of high- profile events, including the URBAN PARTY billboard campaign, THE DEAD CITY light installation in ‘Dublin Contemporary’, METROWALK and BLOOMING ATTITUDE, amongst others. In 2011 Motti and Paul initiated the URBAN PARTY – TALKING CITIES platform, which has since been hosted in Dublin (Complex Theatre), Tel Aviv (port) and Jerusalem (Museum on the Seam).

In the twin project, POSTCARDS OF OUR CITY – Dublin-Tel Aviv (Dublin, 2012) and POSTCARDS OF OUR CITY – New York-Dublin (New York, 2013), they invited the people of one city to write their thoughts about their city on a postcard to the residents of another. The written postcards were sent to a thousand home addresses that were chosen at random.

Their latest research was BEYOND BEPPBLEDASH, a collaborative project with the National Museum of Ireland and the Arts office Dublin City Council was awarded the Arts Council Engagement with Architecture Scheme grant for 2014).

BEYOND PEBBLEDASH is both a book and a wider design initiative whose creative aim is to promote a critical conversation on the future of Dublin urbanism.

BEYOND PEBBLEDASH (the book) was published in the autumn of 2014 in conjunction with the temporary installation of a public sculpture in Clarke Square, National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, Dublin. BEYOND PEBBLEDASH also created a local schools-engagement programme designed to facilitate the empowerment of young people in expressing their voice on the central theme of city-living. The installation, also titled BEYOND PEBBLEDASH, involved the erection of a ‘typical’ Dublin pebble-dash house (scale 1:1) to include a reconstructed pebble-dash façade and steel skeletal frame construction of its walls, stairs, doors, rear fenestration, ceilings and roof. (See imagery attached)

They are currently working on a new book THE SEAMLESS NEIGHBOURHOOD – REDRAWING THE CITY OF ISRAEL, which addresses ‘the substance, seamlessness and segregation of Israel’s largest city – Tel Aviv’. 

They have contributed to many publications, including Architecture Ireland and i.e. Patterns of Thought (Architecture Republic, 2012). They have been guest lecturers at NCAD and GradCAM (Dublin), Columbia University and Cooper Union (New York), and elsewhere.

PAUL KEARNS was born in Ballyfermot, Dublin, in 1966. He graduated from University College Dublin with a BA in economics and geography in 1988 and a Masters in urban planning in 1990. Between 2002 and 2004 he worked in Jerusalem as a freelance Israeli-Palestinian correspondent for the Sunday Tribune. He worked as an urban planner with Dublin City Council 1996-2016. He is currently a Landscape Architecture PhD candedit, researching beauty as a public good with the Technion, Haifa, Israel. 

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MOTTI RUIMY was born in Petah Tikva, Israel, in 1975. He is an architect, interdisciplinary artist and author. He studied architecture at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem (graduating 2007), where he previously studied fine art (graduating 2000). He has exhibited in museums, galleries and public spaces. He divides his time between Dublin and Tel Aviv. His architectural practice is based both in Dublin and Tel Aviv, with a focus on public buildings. He was a speaker at TEDxJaffa 2013.

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