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Urban Party Dublin House and Home

In 2011 Motti and Paul initiated the URBAN PARTY – TALKING CITIES platform, which has since been hosted in Dublin (Complex Theatre , Smithfield2011), Tel Aviv (Port Authority 2012), Jerusalem (Museum on the Seam 2012 – Part of “open House Jerusalem Programme”) and once again in Dublin as part of the Beyond Pebbledash Project (National Museum Collins Barracks 2014)

Our format is simple and engaging. Each speaker is requested to speak for just 3 minutes. Thus over one hour and in rapid succession each of the 20 invited speakers articulate their vision on opportunities and challenges of living in Dublin City.

2nd Dublin’s Urban Party – House and Home

John OConnor:

TD (member of the Irish Parliament) Mick Wallace:

Architect Greg Jackson:

Dublin City Councillor Andrew Montague:

City Arts Officer Ray Yeates:

Cyndi Njoki:

Michelle Brown:

Jennifer Goff:

Architect Michael Pike:

Dr. Silvia Loeffler:

Marisa Denker:

Seónín Sullivan of L Mulligan Stoneybatter:


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